The Chase


One virgin. Two weeks. Twenty billionaires. She can run, but she can't hide... The Chase. It takes place every year. If you're not invited, you'll never even know it exists. It's a game - a Chase - entered only by the world's richest and most powerful men. And one, lone, solitary woman. A [...]



Wanna hear a dirty little secret? No guy has ever gotten me off! At least, it was a secret, until my boss saw my journal. Now he’s making me a promise I can’t resist... I won a war, lost a wife, and raised a beautiful baby girl. But I left the SEALs scarred and broken. [...]

Faking It


Fake Husband, Real Daddy. I've got the perfect kid, and I’ve got the perfect life. But there’s something missing: the perfect virgin wife. It doesn't matter if it's fake. The second Penny walked into my office, I knew I was f*cked. Nineteen, sweet, soft, delicious. I sense it just by looking at her. [...]