Release is the lesson. Pain is the teacher... I'm a killer, a playboy, and I live for control. The last thing I need is a woman holding me back. That's what I thought before I saved Frankie. Her back is marked with scars; she's survived torments that no girl ever should. The Templars [...]

Burn Baby Byrne


I wanted love, marriage, and babies. I got it all. Just not in that order... Sofia Morello. Heiress to the Morello crime Family. She's got cherry red lips and seductive, curvy hips, and - goddamn - she gets me hard. I didn't meet her by chance. Boston's one city, with two crime Families [...]

Let It Byrne


I bought her body. But she kidnapped my heart. I'm a Byrne. Boston's in my blood. It's my city - and that goes for everything in it. Even Casey: a good girl trapped in a very bad place. I was supposed to be casing the Morello joint, but I ended up tasting her [...]