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Project Description

Rule #1? Don’t f*ck the paparazzi.

An enemies to lovers, reporter meets bad boy sports romance.

Alex Rodriguez has it made. A record breaking signing fee. A million dollar contract. And a body that gets more female attention than a midnight screening of Magic Mike…

Diana’s trying to build her fledgling career in television journalism. Sent to Barcelona to cover Alex, she’s under incredible pressure to produce stories that keep his legions of ravenous fans back home sated. Sometimes that means crossing lines that aren’t meant to be crossed.

Alex has always had things his own way and when he gets wind of Diana’s betrayal, he figures that payback’s a b*tch – and she deserves it. The only problem? He’s a sucker for his biggest weakness – a drop dead gorgeous woman.

Sparks fly. Attraction builds. But when Alex’s dreams get derailed by a career threatening injury, will Diana be there for him?