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Project Description

Release is the lesson. Pain is the teacher…

I’m a killer, a playboy, and I live for control. The last thing I need is a woman holding me back.

That’s what I thought before I saved Frankie. Her back is marked with scars; she’s survived torments that no girl ever should. The Templars screwed her up. They were going to use her, then lose her. Permanently.

But me?

I see a diamond in the rough. Frankie gives me goosebumps, she keeps me up at night.

I dream of pressing her up against a wall.
Of teasing her until she moans for release.
Of making her beg for submission.

They say pain is just weakness leaving the body. I disagree. It’s so much more than that. Frankie needs this. She needs my help.

I’m going to give Frankie what she’s begging for.
I’m going to show her it doesn’t have to hurt.
I’m going to make her mine.