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Project Description

They sold me out. They left me for dead. They’ll never see me coming.

I’m not the muscle for the Antonov crime family, I’m its goddamn Prince. At least, I was until they betrayed me… But there’s only one thing I take lying down, and it sure ain’t a kicking.

Before I left I had every girl in Alexandria chasing after me. Cara was the only one I ever wanted, but while I wasn’t there to protect her, life never stopped beating her down. This whole time she kept our precious secret, and I never knew.

Two years locked in a concrete box changed me. I forgot what really mattered. But I never lose. I win, or I learn — and now I remember what I stand to gain.

I knew I was starving, but I thought it was revenge that I was hungering for.

Now I know better. It’s Cara’s curves.

She’s not one in a million. She’s once in a lifetime. And I’m taking her back.