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Project Description

Mike’s off fighting the Taliban. And I’m having his baby.


When I had that fling with Mike, a bad boy Delta Force dog handler, I thought I was just blowing off steam. I’ve seen so many soldiers come in to my hospital, half dead – I just couldn’t take it any more. I needed an escape. But Mike was different. When he got sent back into the field, I couldn’t get him off my mind. And then I found out I was pregnant with his baby.

So when Mike was airlifted to the hospital, I didn’t care that he was a hero who’d just saved a dozen soldier’s lives – I just knew I needed to save him.


The moment I saw Katie, I knew I had to have her – she was the bravest, strongest, sexiest woman I’d ever seen. When I got deployed, I thought about her every day. My platoon were sick of me talking about her, but I couldn’t help it…

When I found out she was carrying my child, I knew I had to protect her, whatever the cost. And then the Taliban took her.

I’m going to save her, and my kid. And if anyone gets in my way, they’re going to regret it.