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Project Description

I tell myself every day is a second chance.
But since I left the SEALs, I’ve been drifting.
So when some record exec offers me a hundred grand to protect some innocent pop star?
I say f*ck yeah!
The catch?
I’ve gotta pretend to be her boyfriend.

Xander was the only boy I’ve ever loved.
But I blinked and he was gone.
Now I’ve made it to the top. I’m going on a breakout record tour.
So StarPower Records tells me I need close protection.
And then they go hire the boy I loved. The boy I saved myself for.
But he’s not a boy any more. He’s a man.
They’re saying I need to keep him close.
To pretend to be in love.
He’s offering to stay close, all right.
But it’s not his protection he’s got me begging for.