Burn Baby Byrne 2017-05-15T11:06:13+00:00

Project Description

I wanted love, marriage, and babies. I got it all. Just not in that order…

Sofia Morello. Heiress to the Morello crime Family. She’s got cherry red lips and seductive, curvy hips, and – goddamn – she gets me hard.

I didn’t meet her by chance. Boston’s one city, with two crime Families – and there isn’t space for both of us. Not if we fight. The only way to stop it? Wedding bells and a damn seating arrangement.

There’s just one problem: Mickey Morello. Sofia’s brother, and the leader of the Italian mob. He wants me dead, and his sister is just collateral damage. But Mickey didn’t just mess with my woman. Sofia’s hiding a secret. A nine month kind of secret. A baby in a carriage kinda secret. A secret I’d kill for, and a secret I’d die for.

Mickey threatened my family, and now I’m going to rip him apart. You have my word.

She’s cold as ice. I’ll make her Byrne.